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1985 – RBE Begins

From its earliest beginnings in 1985 as a Close Corporation, RBE Publications became known as the premium manufacturer and supplier of Self Carbonised Business Transaction Books.

RBE grew steadily up until 1998 while adding a comprehensive range of coloured and patterned paper, board and envelopes to its range, as well as growing its range of business products to fill needs in small businesses as they arose.

1998 – The Next Step

In 1998 RBE restructured and registered itself as a Private Limited Company, “RBE Stationery Manufacturers” (Pty) Ltd.

Being a small privately owned company, it was prudent to ensure that the company grew as an asset, using the capital generated internally to grow. This resulted in an ability to install more efficient and capable plant, create more employment and expand our product range.

At RBE we have always believed that our company is responsible to and dependent upon 5 different groups, namely our Retail Sales Channel, our Customers, our Suppliers, our Employees and our Shareholders.

Retail Sales Channel

Our Retail Sales Channel is made up of hundreds of stationery and art shops countrywide, as well as some general dealers in smaller towns and even a few hardware outlets. Most of these outlets are small owner run operations and RBE has, over the years built very solid relationships with the vast majority.

Our Customers

For our customers we strive to supply quality products made in our factory using local South African Labour, and as much as possible, using locally sourced raw material. We distribute our products through the retail stationery trade whom we support with the best possible service we can muster.

Our Suppliers

We believe in building good relationships with all our suppliers, and strive to do win-win deals wherever possible, we pride ourselves as honest brokers and keep our suppliers as to the status quo through the ups and downs of our very volatile and unpredictable economy.

Our Staff

We are proud to be creators of permanent employment opportunities. We strive to be nett exporters of talent, and offer all employees meaningful pay as well as opportunities for growth and advancement.

Our Shareholders

We are thankful to our shareholders for guidance both economically and morally, and especially for their patience and understanding as the company struggled through the difficulties of Covid and the various struggles faced in South Africa in general.

Branding – Then & Now


Covers – Then & Now

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5 Reasons you should buy the RBE Branded Products.

  1. They are locally made and create employment in South Africa.
  2. They are of high quality.
  3. They are available across the country.
  4. They are functional and designed for purpose.
  5. You would be supporting a chain of supply in South Africa, and this will almost certainly support some organisation which supports your enterprise, whatever it is.
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