Often in conversations with friends and colleagues in the stationery industry, people question the benefits of paper products as technology and digital devices are on the rapid rise worldwide.

Yes, it’s clear. We are living in a very “digital” age, and this poses the question, is there a future for RBE?

This post will look at 12 interesting benefits of paper and why we must never rule out its importance in human development.

12 Benefits of Paper in our digital world.

1 – Benefits of Paper when used for developing handwriting.

The process of transferring information onto paper in a handwritten form is one of the most difficult cognitive processes.

Studies have shown that the act of writing by hand strengthens neural connections in the brain as well as activates areas associated with language processing, motor control and memory, having a positive effect on overall brain development.

2 – The union of paper with a pen becomes an art form.

Handwriting is an art form in itself. Many people enjoy creating visually appealing handwritten works on paper products, such as bullet journals, wedding invitations or artistic projects using calligraphy and other hand lettering techniques such as doodle art, brush lettering and zentangle.

Benefits of Paper - Ink to Paper

3 – Paper is the only medium on which handwriting is able to reflect and express unique personality traits.

Every person’s handwriting carries the distinct personal characteristics and individuality of the writer. Factors such as letter shapes, slant, size, pressure and spacing can provide insights into a person’s temperament, creativity, attention to detail and other unique characteristics.

Handwriting analysis, known as graphology, explores the connection between handwriting and personality traits.

Benefits of Paper - Handwritten letters

4 – Handwritten paper cards, letters and notes are genuine and authentic.

Many adults still prefer the personal touch and authenticity in receiving handwritten paper notes, letters and cards as they feel it is far more heartfelt and genuine to thank someone in writing, expressing themselves in a way that can be kept and preserved in a tangible form.

Now try adding that personal touch to an e-mail.

Benefits of Paper - Note Taking

5 – Paper journals encourage numerous health benefits through written expression.

Note taking and journaling have numerous mental health benefits including improved mindfulness and stress reduction. Bullet journaling and bullet journals offer a tangible and tactile experience in a digital world.

Writing by hand tends to be a slower process than typing which encourages a deeper mindfulness fostering more contemplative thoughts.

Benefits of Paper - Journalling & Note Taking

6 – Paper is convenient –You can just get going and no need to rely on electricity or Wi-Fi.

Your paper notebook can’t go flat, you won’t experience any Wi-Fi frustrations and it doesn’t rely on electricity. You never have to fear that it will die on you and lose all your work!

Paper is portable, lightweight and readily available, making it convenient for carrying and accessing information anytime, anywhere. A notebook can be carried everywhere. Open it up in seconds and jot down any in-the-moment stray thoughts.

7 – Natural talent can be expressed on and with paper.

True creativity and ability can be expressed. And your work is entirely unique, original and authentic. Paper quilling, decoupage, origami, paper mâché, paper crafting, painting and drawing are all popular hobbies and crafts, done with paper.

8 – There are fewer distractions in paper when compared to digital platforms.

Word processors and other devices allow for constant distractions by such things as formatting and spell-checker. With a notebook, there are no such obstructions to the writing process.

On a computer it’s much easier to click away to something else (open another document; reference something on the web; check your email again…) With a notebook it’s just you, a pen, and the paper –there are no excuses and no distractions when applying yourself to writing with a pen and paper

Benefits of Paper - Newspapers

9 – There is less risk involved in paper documents.

Other than there being no risk of data breaches, remote hacking and exposure to malware, in some parts of the world, sitting around reading a newspaper makes one far less of a target as opposed to sitting reading news on your phone.

Some people even leave the newspaper on the bench for the next person. Can’t see that happening with a laptop or mobile phone! At least not on purpose!

Benefits of Paper - Less Risk, Less Interruptions

10 – Another benefit of paper is that print allows for the better retention of information.

Research proves that people are less likely to comprehend information read on a screen than in print. This disparity can be likened to the tactile nature of the printed page.

When you read on paper you can sense with your fingers a pile of pages growing on the left, and shrinking on the right. One has a tactile sense of progress, in addition to the visual.

11 – Paper is far more effective when trying to create a mind map – or doodle.

Sure, we’ve mastered word processing on electronic devices – but we haven’t yet been able to find a computer program or app that can, in any significant way, replace how we can doodle or sketch or create a mind-map on a sheet of paper.

If we’re on a computer and we need to switch from writing to sketching out an idea, we have very few options outside of the pen and paper.

12 – Paper is durable, biodegradable and renewable.

Paper is a durable material. When stored properly it can withstand time, allowing for the long-term preservation of important documents.

Another Benefit of Paper is that is is an environmentally friendly option compared to other materials.

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